Friday, January 20, 2012

~~~ not a Dream home ~~~

Well can you believe it...I am on the Watch List at C.S.I with my first LO that I posted last week!!! Whoopy that was quite a surprise...

This will be my second case file that I enter and I had fun doing this one as well.I combined it with Dusty Attics month sketch challenge.For DA I used the Arch Window #3 and some Grass Clusters #1. I used the 5 colours as prescribed by the case file and also all the evidence.Those are the flowers... which also doubled as my sheer element,The window and the brick work embossed teal paper are my Architectural elements.I used swirls and in the photo you might find evidence of the "Something Stone like" that the case file wanted!

I journal'd...and in my own handwriting as well!!! And it didn't turn out to bad,I think? It reads as follows...

"Believe it or not...but we stayed in this house during a vacation in Dargle in the K.Z.N Midlands in2002. It was the original farmhouse build in the early 1900's and although my Hubby still thinks we were crazy living in the "shack" it was one of the most memorable stays for this old Soul! I loved the creaking floorboards and high ceilings and broad windowsills and even the musty old smell! To me it spoke of days gone by!"

Have a closer look....

I had to use lavender as a colour and the grass clusters were transformed into lavender stems and flowers with some purple puff paint and Donna Salazar Fairy Dust glitter.

The window got some rough treatment with Distress Embossing Powder and Distress inks.

Just look at how sheer these flowers are...making it not to easy to work with!

Thank you for taking the time to visit...have a fabulous week end!

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