Wednesday, October 22, 2014

13@rts Give-away

This is a shout out post to 13@arts wishing them a Happy Second Birthday and hoping to see them in business for many more years!!!!

Having been a Guest Designer for them this year, I got to use Ayeeda's products and must say that her papers are of the best to use for Mixed Media work!!! They are thick and sturdy, and now Ayeeda has added two new ranges to her collection! The first, and my personal favourite is Cozy Evening and the second is Color Basics...Head on over to her 13@rts Blog to view the collections...I have picket a few images from the Cozy Evening Collection to wet your appetite!

{ I am so happy to have been chosen as one of the winners of this give-away!!! 
Thank you Ayeeda and 13@rts }

These are some of the Masks

The Sticker Sheet

And two new colour Mists!!!!


  1. Oh wow so cool... love her stuff too :D

  2. I love 13arts too! I will be pre-ordering the new collections soon so if you want anything let me know :)

  3. Hmmmm, new 13 arts! Now that's tempting!

  4. Ooooh lucky you....enjoy! Some super goodies!


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