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I am mother of three children.Francois 27,Chantelle 24 and Michelle 21.I have a wonderful, caring, handyman husband  George who knows it's best to keep quite when I unpack my newest scrapbooking purchases.I have been scrapping for about 5 years now.I never really wanted to...thought it is crazy to spend that amount of money on papers and embellishments.Then I did an album for my daughter Chantelle's Matric Farewell in 2004..Just played around with papers and dried flowers.I got many compliments but still refused to think of it as scrapping!In 2006 Michelle and I went to Walt Disney World and New York for her to dance and she bought albums ect and scrapped her photos...It looked like fun and I decided to do a page or two...just for the fun of it!Well 5 years later and I am still at it!Looking back at my pages I have to laugh,for they really look very silly now.But I guess one has to grow and develop into a style that suits you.I absolutly love to layer and distress and since joining Dusty Attic have started to venture out of my comfort zone and try new techniques.I can see a vast improvement and hope to keep on learning!

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  1. Hi there Patricia, Heather Jacob suggested your name to me.
    Just wondering if you interested in a monthly picture challenge?
    What we would do is once a month I would send you a picture (from internet), and we would all scrapbook it.
    We put it on our blogs, alongs with names/blogs of other participants, and then be able to compare the different styles that can be made with one picture.
    Whatcha think? Let me know your thoughts!
    talk soon, Lucy


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