Hello dear friends... 

These are the notes and Power point of my project that I presented at the AWS Scrapbookmarathon recently...I am sharing it for those who could not finish at the marathon...please feel free to shout and ask assistance if you need it!

(This project with techniques was designed by me ~ Patricia Basson ~ for the AWS Scrapbookmarathon, and may not be used as class material / kits with out my permission to do so...thank you.)


Click on the PDF image.
Click on "File"
You can then click on "Down load" which will download to your computer or you can print it for your convenience...

Just a note...
We found that using Tombo Mono Multi (using the broad side of the stick) instead of Pritt or a glue stick on the bubble wrap, gave a much better image on the swirl.

This is the Power Point presentation for those who do not want to print or download...  


  1. Hi Patricia,

    ek kry nie n direkte link om te download nie. Dit sê "request for access" ek het vir jou n request gestuur. Dankie baie.

    Heerlike naweek vir jou

  2. Patricia, baie dankie - ek kan dit nou oopkry. Dankie vir die deeglike instruksies. Ek kan nie wag om hiermee te begin nie!
    Geniet die naweek

  3. sjoe! what a detailed tutorial! Well done!! xxx

    1. Thanks Cariena...but the honour must really go to my daughter Chantelle! We did the notes together and I think what helped a lot was that she is a designer, but not a Scrapper. She would easily say to me "I can see what you did, but your notes don't make sense, let's write it this way!" and of course the Power Point is 100% her work! LOL...I can scrap and do basics on my PC... I will have to employ her to do my tutorials in future!!!


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