Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stampendous Aged Embossing Enamel

Just a quick post blog friends!

I received my SSS parcel yesterday and in it was my Stampendous Aged Embossing Enamel and Goosebumps Texture Spray! Now I know most of my International fiends will know these products, but I just had to show how amazing these are!

This is why I so love visiting  blogs and galleries, for I get exposed to different and interesting products, only problem is, it's most often not available over here, and I then have to rely on on-line shopping!

First up is the Embossing Enamel, I have seen various scrappers use this, and it is stunningly amazing!!! It is a colour enamel with gold and bronze granules in it resulting in the most amazing look!

Here are some shots to show you the different colours I got....






I made an experiment with ordinary gold and blue embossing powder, It gives an allrightich look, but not the same as this....and here is the reason why...Just look at all the different size and colour granules in the powder! My first project is on the table and as soon as this is posted, I am jumping right into it!

This look is achieved with the Goosebumps Spray....What a fun product it turned out to be! The effect one gets is the same as with any resist technique, but this just is so much easier and although you can stamp with it, I think my main use will be to use it on bigger areas as you just spray and wait a few minutes to dry and then you can get in with distress inks or sprays. As opposed to stamping, spraying will give different looks each time.

That's it for now friends...I am of to create...hope to bring you a project soon using these products. Thanks for taking the time to read my! 


  1. In-te-re-sting!!!!!!!!!! Love it...Love the ivory one!!

  2. Looks wonderful - but then everything you do is pretty awesome

  3. ooooooh!! Me like!! The ivory and green is my favourites

  4. Wow! These look amazing....guess these have to go on my shopping list
    Thanks for sharing! :)


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