Monday, April 15, 2013

Practising Mixed Media...

I love following the videos of various mixed media fundis like Miranda Edney, Luvlee Scrapping , Limor Webber ect...but could never get the 'look'  with my sprays over the gesso...My sprays would just run off and leave me with a dull looking blop in the middle of a pool of spray. Watching some videos again over the weekend made me wonder if the one step that I have not really been following might be the problem, namely drying the inks with a heat gun...I left mine to dry naturally. So I grabbed a piece of inked up card stock and slapped some gesso onto it and started playing once it was completely dry, this time drying inks in between spraying with the heat gun and hey Presto...I got a much better result!!! Then I got daring and added some flowers and metal pieces and a little Prima wooden house to it and after gesso'ing it, sprayed some more. I then took my modelling Paste and coarse Texture gel and added some texture to it all...and sprayed even more! All the way drying with my heat gun...

It is only a small piece of card stock... 20 cm x 10 cm, but for the first time I managed to get more of a look of what I see in the videos...I am going to persevere ( my word for the year, remember? ) and keep on trying until I can also make a real canvas and LO with mixed media...Still wish and dream though of having one or more of these wonderful artists one day visiting our shores and being able to learn first hand from them!!!

The red ball can be seen as a beautiful sunset...or as Chantelle sees it...a raging fireball engulfing the row of houses in the through the eyes of a fellow artist yes?

 Thank you for reading my post...I hope...and I hope you appreciate the many close ups as well! Hope to soon post another mixed media project...

Have a wonderful week
Hugs Patricia


  1. Gorgeous! I love all the texture and colors.

  2. Turned out fantastic Patricia!! great textures and colors! keep them coming hun! xxx

  3. No worries Patricia! this looks absolutely GREAT!! love love love your experimenting! don't understand why I haven't found your blog before, you are truly inspirational my dear! xoxo


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